Why I am a Blessing Hospice Nurse

When people think of hospice, many different things come to mind. Sometimes the word hospice casts a dark shadow, and no one wants to talk about it.

For me as a hospice nurse, that special word means I am able to bring comfort and support to both the patient and their family.

I am often asked, “How do you do your job?” To me it is not a job. I enjoy working with the patient and their family. They teach me so much. It is a privilege that they open their homes and their lives to me, allowing me to be with them while they go through their journey. I do this because I, along with many others, have lost loved ones. It is important that at the end of life hospice patients have someone with them and they are able to go in peace and comfort.

I have seen and learned so much from this job that I would not have learned anywhere else. I enjoy listening to patients tell me their life stories; the trials and tribulations that they have endured during their life on this earth. So many people have been through things that I cannot even imagine. I have cared for veterans, people who are no longer close to their children or loved ones, and those who still have those close bonds. Regardless of each patient’s situation, they all hold a special place in my heart and leave a lasting impression on me that I carry with me as I move forward in my career as a Blessing Hospice nurse.


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