Where do the bodies go after the funeral?

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Question: Where do the bodies go after the funeral?

Submitted by: St. Dominic School – 7th Grade


Well, what happens to the body (and casket) will depend on the type of service that a family has chosen for their loved one.

If you are at a traditional funeral service, you will probably go to the cemetery immediately after the service for the committal or graveside service.  After the service at the cemetery, the casket will be buried.

Some families will choose cremation, but will want to have a visitation and service with the body of their loved one present to help them as they grieve and begin to mourn their loss.  In this case, we would take the casket to the crematory after the service for the cremation.  After the cremation process, the cremated remains or ashes can be kept in an urn, spread on land or water (where allowed by law), or buried.

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