What do I wear to a funeral?

Most of us think of black suits when we think about funeral attire.  Black is traditional, but it is no longer the only appropriate color to wear to a visitation and funeral.

My suggestion would be to wear “church” clothes.  If you wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable wearing it in a church, it’s probably not what you want to wear to a funeral.

Dress respectfully.  I would err on the conservative side.  Wear a suit and tie if you are a man and a conservative outfit for a woman.  For your children, once again I would say church clothes or one of their better outfits.

If you don’t’ own a suit, make do with the nicer clothes you do have.  How you dress is not as important as your presence for the family.

SIDE NOTE:  If you are working and just have time to pop in from work, come in your work clothes (example: uniform, scrubs, etc. – use your best judgement).  Everyone will understand and the family will appreciate your presence.

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