What about the Graveside Service?

When you arrive at a funeral, you will generally have a funeral director ask if you will be going to the cemetery.  If you are, we want to get your car lined up in the funeral procession and place a flag on it.

When you arrive at the cemetery, with the funeral procession, there is typically a tent at the grave with “green’s” on the ground and six chairs.  These chairs are reserved for members of the immediate family.

After the pallbearers carry the casket to the grave, allow the family to gather together under the tent.  Join them under the tent, if there is room, or stand close around the tent so that you can hear the committal service.  These services tend to be brief.  If the deceased was a veteran, there may be military honors after the religious services.

Once the services have concluded, the minister or funeral director will make an announcement if there is a funeral luncheon or gathering that you are invited to.

Feel free to visit with the family and friends at the cemetery, but take you cues on when to leave from the family.


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