Thoughts on 5 Questions to a Better End-of-Life Path

I wanted to share an article that does a great job of really hitting on the importance of asking questions and choosing what is right for you and your family, regardless of what others might think is the best route of care. The “5 Questions to change your end-of-life path” does a wonderful job of getting right to the heart of the matter. See the “5 Questions” below and click on the link to read the full article.

… ask your doctor these 5 questions to take a different end-of-life path than the one taken by Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, who are featured in the full article:

1. How do people typically die from ___(stroke, heart attack, etc. or any disease)____ ?

2. If this was your mother or father, what would you do next?

3. How will we know when to ask for hospice care?

4. What are the signs of dying?

5. Can you support us in trying to take our loved one home?

(Source: 5 questions to change your end-of-life path by Monica Williams-Murphy, MD on July 1st, 2012 in Physician)

Click on the below link to view the full article:




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