The Best Seats in the House

April 2017 CUBS | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

The best seat in the house was a reference to a collection of seats located in Aisle 36, row 5, seats 1 – 4 located through Gate D at Wrigley Field. The third generation of the Spear family now holds these seats.

So much history of those sitting around you and the vendors who frequent those fans. It’s hard to describe something that just feels right, you just know it’s right. Walking into Wrigley and sitting in the Spear seats for me is a moment like that. Much like your wedding day, your child being born…you get the point.

Back to the seats…the perfect view.  It doesn’t matter what you want to see, you can see it in those seats.  The singing is better, the beer is colder, and there isn’t another place where feeling like a kid, like a fan is at its best.

Opening Day 2016 | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, IllinoisBecause of the renovations some will never experience one of the best features of the Spear seats. They were heckling distance to the then visiting team bullpen and in decent foul ball territory. The bullpen was dealt a tremendous amount of inspirational ideas and directives by the fans of the friendly confines. Some of the best heckling lessons I was taught in life were from my dad and Jeff Spear….icons, if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, heckling is still an option in the latest renovation of Wrigley but the volume of your voice (not a problem for me) is now greatly heightened and less options on players to encourage.

Do keep an eye out for foul balls, there is usually one in the general vicinity every game I have attended.  Speaking of foul balls…

On Deck Circle | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, IllinoisOne of my lasting memories of the Spear seats was a game I wasn’t even attending.  I remember my dad being with Jeff and Theresa Spear at the Bartman game, I answer a phone call from my dad as I’m in the car listening to the game on the radio.  All I hear is an expletive being chanted by the furious 40,000+ Cub fans.  It’s easier to share this story now because of 2016.  Let us discuss 2016…Will and I are smart guys and some would say we outkicked our coverage. Lesley and Kristin love the Cubs with us/for us.  I can’t speak for Kristin but I think Lesley could do well in the front office. She knows her Cubs and takes little crap. She went all in when we got hitched.  I’m just glad our family doesn’t have a civil war problem when it comes to baseball season.

So, Will and Kristin invited Lesley and me to the home opener in 2016. Married with two kids and responsibilities everywhere, but I felt like a kid again and that feeling would escalate throughout the night.  A comeback win in the seventh with an Addison Russell homerun after singing the stretch was all that place needed to erupt.  It was something else to be a part of and my future reasoning to Will on why we needed to attend every home opener there forward.

In 2017 Will took some fellow Cubs fans and me to the matinee opener (second home game) against the Dodgers. If Will wants that entire story of the day on this blog I’ll put it together for him, but for now, the cliff notes.  We got on the field, we got the win and I got second base (not got to second base) – I took home the second base used in the game.  What happened after the game was something you only see in the movies. Trust me. I feel it’s traumatic, but those who hear it always laugh…

The highlight of my Wrigley experience also happened in the Spear seats and came in 2017. Game 3 of the NLCS against the Dodgers. Yu was untouchable that night, if he is that pitcher in 2018 the season looks promising.  Even though we took the L and my truck was broken into (probably by a Dodger fan) it was my first post-season game in Wrigley Field.  It was one of those moments again.  With the Spear boys: Jeff, Will and Nick.  In the seats, the Spear seats. I’m a fortunate guy, there are hundreds of thousands that would do anything to get inside Wrigley and watch a game.  I saw them from the best seats in the house. Its heaven, don’t be fooled by Field of Dreams and their claim.

Those amazing seats have been in three amazing generations of a Cub family that bleeds Cubbie Blue, the Spear family. They do a lot for the community we will always call our home.  These seats are awesome.  I would come up with a more eloquent word but remember, these seats make it OL to feel like a kid again.

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Tom Van Ness


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