Silence! (Your Cell Phone)

I have always thought this would be a given.  It just seems natural to me that you would silence or turn off your cell phone when you attend a funeral.  Surely it doesn’t hurt to turn off your cell phone for 30 minutes to an hour, especially when it is to attend a funeral to honor someone’s life.

Even though this seems to me to be natural and a common courtesy, I have witnessed too many funeral services with cell phones ringing (sometimes with a highly inappropriate ring tone) that I feel this issue needs to be addressed.

This topic came up recently while discussing with a friend, who attended a funeral, the three cell phones that went off during a 30 minute funeral service.  I have even witnessed a funeral where the minister forgot to silence his cell phone.  While this may seem comical, to a grieving family, this is not a laughing matter.

The next time you attend a funeral, please silence your cell phone out of respect for the family and the deceased.  Thank you.

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