Questions to Ask Before Hiring Home Care for Your Loved One

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Whether you are hiring from a home care services agency or a personal home health aide, conducting a thorough interview can ensure your loved one receives quality, loving care.

When hiring from a home care services agency, find out if the agency is licensed by the state. Most states require agencies to be licensed and reviewed regularly. If so, request the reviews from the state health department.

Ask if they’re certified by Medicare to meet federal requirements for health and safety, and if they’re not, find out why.

Learn how employees are screened. Ask for references from a list of doctors or other professionals, as well as former clients.

Learn if a governing group like The Joint Commission accredits the agency. This organization evaluates health care organizations and programs that voluntarily request review. Ask for a recent survey if the agency is accredited.

Don’t be afraid to request the agency for a different person if you feel he or she is not the right fit for your loved one. Most services allow you to change the employee while keeping the service. Carefully review the document or agreement you are signing with the agency so you are aware of their policies.

If you are considering a home health aide, find out the aide’s credentials, training, and experience. Ask for and thoroughly check the aide’s references. The best way to find a home health aide is through recommendations from doctors, family, and friends. There’s nothing more important than finding proper care for the mother or father who lovingly cared for you as a child.

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