Pet Loss: The End of the Journey

As a pet parent you watch your new addition grow and mature. Maybe you lose a couple shoes to teething or you wear out a vacuum because of their shedding. Maybe you have to get rid of all your houseplants or fix those holes in your new landscaping. All too soon, though, you notice a stiff arthritic walk, a gray muzzle, and a eyes that just aren’t as bright and clear as they used to be. One day you realize you have a senior and you wonder where the time went.

Pet parents are often faced with “Is it time?” More often than not, we will never be ‘ready’ to say goodbye. Our heads and our hearts are often on two different pages. We may recognize ‘the time’ is drawing near and we may even make arrangements on whether to cremate and save the ashes or to bury them out on the farm in their favorite spot, but when the day arrives, we grieve. Tears will flow when we see the empty food bowl, the unused leash, or the empty spot on the couch. Our hearts will ache when no one wakes us up early to go for a walk or to eat breakfast. We may also be faced with family and friends who simply can’t appreciate our loss and say insensitive things like “It was just an animal…”

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When you share your love and your life for so many years, it only makes sense there will be sadness and a sense of loss. The unconditional love that animals share with us makes their loss from our daily lives that much more poignant. Remembering and celebrating their lives can be as simple as keeping their photograph on our desk or planting something in their favorite spot in the yard. We can also memorialize their love by making a donation to our favorite animal welfare organization or creating a keepsake item with their nose print or paw print.

Whatever we do or however we grieve, it is a loving and honorable tribute at the end of our journey together.



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