Outdoor Clocks – Retro or Timeless?

Hansen-Spear Outdoor Clocks - Pre 1965 and 2022

The definition of “retro”is something that is imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recentpast.  Many times, we see something thatwe enjoyed in the past and now are fond of it again.  At Hansen-Spear Funeral Home our new foray intothe past is an outdoor clock.

The current funeral homebuilding was built in 1965-1966.  Beforethe modern colonial style blonde brick building, the funeral home was a largebrick bungalow with a big neon clock over the porch. The focal point was theclock the faced State Street, both as a signature of the Hansen Funeral Homeand then the Hansen-Spear Funeral Home.

In the mid to late 1960’s,the concept of clocks began to fade.  Fortunately,Sturhahns always maintained their signature clock, even moving it to Broadwaywhen the store relocated.  We did nothave that luxury because our clock was gone. My father, George, later regretted his rash decision to lose theclock.  He checked with the builder,Allen Brothers, to see if they ever had any sightings of our old clock.

So here we are, 52 yearslater, looking to reinstall a clock. With a quick glance to a phone or a watch, you can establish the time.  So, is it important?  We think it is and Hansen-Spear owners, WillSpear and Brian Durante think so too. 

There is somethingtimeless (get it?) about a nice big clock for checking the time.

The next time you drivedown State Street, turn on 16th Street and look at Hansen-Spear’s“new look” clock which faces 16th street.  The Neon technology has been replaced by LEDas we move into the future.  It’s a greatcompliment to the new parking lot extension that rests to the west of thebuilding.

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