Nature’s Music – Walking Wind Meditation

One of the things I have been doing for my health is a lot of walking. The spring wind – some days brisk, and some days warm and gentle.  Here is a walking meditation you can use on your walks outdoors. The “music” can be the sounds of birds, wind, and the world around you.

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Walking Wind Meditation

Wind can be a powerful force. It can be a metaphor for change and movement in our lives.  You may wish to reflect on what you would like to let go of to prepare for new growth.

Are you ready to release tension, stress, pain, conflict, or old expectations?

What could the wind help blow away? Alternatively, what qualities could the wind blow your way that would help you right now in your life? Do you need more confidence, strength, energy or playfulness?

Imagine the wind blowing away obstacles, or infusing you with a positive quality.



Take some deep breaths and breathe in the fresh air.

Feel the wind blow against your body, notice the direction it is blowing.

You may wish to start this meditation walking towards the wind.

What are you ready to let go of? …Stress, tension, effort?

Draw your attention to feel the wind blowing on your face and head.

Imagine it blowing right through your head clearing out your mind and emptying your thoughts.

Imagine the wind blowing any barriers away.

Feeling the wind on your face letting it blow on your cheeks, eyes, & forehead.

Feel the release of tension as it blows against your skin.

Notice the wind on your neck.

Let it help to open your throat, and release tension.

As you breathe in and exhale, let your sigh join the wind.

Now feel the wind blowing across your chest and shoulders, opening up space and releasing tension.

You may wish to sway your arms as you feel the wind blowing across your arms, hands, and fingers.

Feeling your arms heavy and free.

Draw your attention to the wind blowing against the core of your body & your chest.

Imagine it blowing away any barriers or tension, leaving you open and relaxed.

As you walk, notice the wind blowing against your legs and feet.

Letting the wind blow away any stress or tightness.

You may wish to turn another direction, to have the wind blow on your back and experience a release of tension there.

Now scan your whole body and notice if there is any place that needs a little more relaxation or release.

As the wind blows, imaging it blowing away tension from that area of your body.

You are open and relaxed.


You can repeat this meditation as you wish.  You can also imagine the wind bringing a positive quality to your each part of your body… energy, power, vitality, strength, confidence, support, healing…. imagine receiving what you need.


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Sheila Killoran is an accredited music therapist with a Masters in Creative Arts Therapies, Sheila is available for personal guided imagery and music sessions.  She offers workshops and group sessions.  As a certified practitioner of The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, she is registered as a Fellow with the Association for Music and Imagery.  She holds a level-one certification in the MARI method for integrating colour, image and mandalas in therapy.

Sheila’s practice supports individuals with personal growth, life transitions, grief, depression, anxiety, and includes adapted guided imagery and music for persons in palliative care.  Her clients report that guided imagery and music sessions help facilitate emotional expression and healing that is difficult with words along.

Transitions Music Therapy | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, IllinoisIn her own words, ” For me, guided imagery and music is a passion and a true calling.  It is a rich and rewarding privilege to journey musically with people during times of transition in their lives.”

Visit Transitions Music Therapy online.

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