Make It Personal

Personal and meaningful

Celebration of Life ServicesThe purpose of a funeral is to provide a way of commemorating a life and bringing together friends and family. Our aim is to create celebrations that share memories and remember your loved ones through music, stories, and capturing the nature of their spirit.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a celebration is that it should be a reflection of your loved one. While religious elements may play a part, it should also include stories about the person’s life that help everyone present recapture and revisit their own memories. Sometimes this is best accomplished by having friends or family members share their reflections as part of the service. Some people personalize the service with special music (which may be religious or non-religious). Others bring in pictures to have at the service. Sometimes favorite things that belonged to the deceased are integrated into the ceremony such as wood carvings, golf clubs or even a motorcycle.

The goal is to give a true sense of who this person was. There is nothing wrong with telling funny stories about the person who died: a funeral recognizes the sad event of a death, but can include humor. Unique celebrations include a patio tailgate party where everyone wears their loved one’s favorite team jersey, decorating to display their passion project, offering unique food, signature cocktail or wine from their personal cellar, or bringing in your loved one’s private art collection to be on display.

Ways to Make it Personal

Below is a small sampling of ideas that can be incorporated to create a more meaningful tribute. Whether you choose burial or cremation, we can help you plan a unique service and Make It Personal.

Celebration of Life - Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

We will arrange the transportation and services from Quincy to Washington.

Celebration of Life - Bagpipes


Music can express our feelings of loss that words often fail to convey.

Celebration of Life - Balloon Release

Balloon Release

Thoughts for your loved one, in the form of balloons, float into the sky together.

Celebration of Life - Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release

Delicate beauties creating clouds of fluttering color that ascend toward the heavens.

Celebration of Life - Dove Release

Dove Release

Elegant birds leap into the sky in a burst of energy and exuberance.

Celebration of Life - Launch into Space

Launch into Space

Your loved one can become one with the stars in a very real sense.

Celebration of Life - Funeral Urn Ark

Funeral Urn Ark

A way to allow more family participation (pallbearers) for cremation services.

Celebration of Life - Motorcycle Hearse

Motorcycle Hearse

Shouldn’t a rider take their “Farewell Ride” in something other than a Cadillac?

Celebration of Life - Memory Tables

Memory Tables

Personal displays can display a truly touching form of remembrance.

Celebration of Life - Picture Boards

Picture Boards

Memories are preserved through photographs documenting our journey through life.

Celebration of Life - Ocean Reefs

Ocean Reefs

A symbolic and very real part of creating new life in underwater environments.

Celebration of Life - Tree Planting

Tree Planting

We have a young tree planted through the Lofty Oaks Association in memory of your loved one.

Celebration of Life - Military Honors

Military Honors

Flag presentation, gun salute and Taps… a tribute for those who honorably served.

Celebration of Life - Video Tributes

Video Tributes

A video of pictures spanning the life of your loved one sharing memories and prompting stories.


Keepsakes and Jewelry

Below are a list of some of the options you have to create lasting tribute that you can take home and carry with you as a memento of your loved one.

Celebration of Life - Memorial Gems

Memorial Gems

A memorial gem combines the brilliance of a diamond with the brilliance of life.

Celebration of Life - Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry

Thumbprint Jewelry

Custom fingerprint jewelry so you can carry a tangible reminder of your loved one with you.

Celebration of Life - Remembrance Keepsake Jewelry

Remembrance Keepsake Jewelry

Carry a small portion of your loved ones ashes with you forever.

Celebration of Life - Buddies Paw Print Jewelry

Buddies Paw Print Jewelry

Your pet’s print cast into a precious piece of jewelry that can be cherished forever.

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