Keeping Traditions Alive

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Most families have holiday traditions. Grandma’s green beans… grandpa’s silly jokes… Mom’s potato soufflé. How do we make sure these traditions last throughout the generations?

One way is by explaining to children and grandchildren where traditions come from. Knowing bread pudding is always served for dessert, as it was grandpa’s favorite, makes the dish meaningful and memorable.

Be flexible. Traditions are not to be chores or burdens we must do annually. Traditions should be fun and a chance to share memories with future generations.  If the macaroni and cheese didn’t turn out exactly as Mom used to make it, don’t get upset. Enjoy the moment and don’t sweat the small stuff.  Over the years, traditions, and even locations of family gatherings, will change. Don’t miss the chance to bond with loved ones because you are holding onto the past.

Traditions are about family, fun and friendship. Instill in your children a sense of thankfulness for family during the holidays and special family occasions. That way, even if traditions do change, the meaning behind them will last for generations.

Because as much as it is about the potato soufflé, it’s about whom you share the potatoes with.

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