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Air Force Wristband | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

I started wearing an Air Force wristband when my brother, Captain Nick Spear, is deployed.  My wristband says, “Air Force” and “Freedom Isn’t Free”.  I don’t wear this because I am afraid I will forget that Nick is in Afghanistan…I am not going to forget that he is halfway around the world.  Instead, I wear this because during the course of a busy day, I still want to remember to think about him.  It is an Important Reminder.

Today, as I stood in a small rural cemetery, I took a few moments in that quiet and peaceful place to say a quick prayer for Nick’s safety, and for the safety of everyone serving with him.  Some days it’s harder to find that quite time, but even if it’s in my car on the way home, my wristband helps me remember to pray.

My Air Force wristband is a reminder of Nick in Afghanistan, which is similar to the keepsakes we have of the loved ones we have lost.  Those keepsakes are important reminders that invoke memories of special moments or a special person.

Keepsakes come in all different shapes and sizes…

Family Jewelry:  A special ring, necklace or other piece of jewelry is something that has special meaning and will bring back memories whenever you wear it.  These cherished items can be passed on for generations with stories and memories of the love shared.

Furniture:  A hand made table by your grandfather or that desk that has been passed down for generations are examples of larger items that have meaning in our homes.  These hold memories of our family members and the times we shared.

Bible or other special books:  Some families have special family Bibles or other important books that are passed down through the generations to be read again and again.  Maybe you remember sitting on grandma’s lap as she read to you as a child.

China/Crystal/Silver:  When you use mom and dad’s wedding china for Christmas dinner, it can bring back the memories of past holidays with family and friends.

Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry:  Custom fingerprint jewelry can be made from your loved one’s fingerprints to have a touchstone keepsakes to have with you and to pass on to the next generation.

All of these keepsakes are examples of the things that remind us of those special people in our lives who have died.  These are important reminders because our relationship is now one of memory.  Our love still lives on in the memories we have, and these keepsakes are a connection to the past and help us remember to continue our relationships with our loved ones, in memory.

They are indeed Important Reminders.

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