How has your loved one claimed you?

Hello readers and may God bring you his peace and joy!

I was reading James Ellroy’s, essay called “The Haunting”, published in an August 2009 issue of Newsweek magazine. I’d like you to rest with his words, spending some quality time bearing in mind if they hold any truth for you in relation to your grief experience.

“The dead claim the living and extend the process through the imposition of grief. It is the juncture of powerlessness and harrowing loss.”

“Bereavement is essentially confusing at times and unique to each carrier of grief. The timelines vary for each of us some longer some shorter. The emotional blow is totally unpredictable.

Powerless and the corresponding sense of loss destroy all attempts to blame and shroud planned forays of vengeance.”

“The dead claim the living and tell us how to live. It is imperative that we listen and adhere to their sanction.”

Refection questions:

1. How has your loved one claimed you?

2. Do you believe that he or she tells you how to live?

3. I believe each of us who mourns carries our loved ones with us every day; they have in effect claimed a piece of our heart for their own.

4.If we listen closely, they can guide us to living a more authentic life for the future.

When we take the time to reflect on the death of a loved one, it helps us on our journey of faith, in many ways it moves us even when we want to stay with the familiar.

Peace and all good,

Brother Ed Arambasich, OFM,
Fire & Police Chaplain

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