GIVE BACK Contest – Sept. 2012

The Boys Scouts win the September GIVE BACK Contest!  Congratulations!

The September 2012 GIVE BACK Contest is finally here! 


To nominate a charity that is not already listed above, please leave a comment on this post, submit it through the contact form, or post a comment on the GIVE BACK post on our Facebook Page.


You can select up to 3 charities to support in the contest.


The charity with the most votes at the end of the contest will receive a $100 donation from Hansen-Spear Funeral Home.


Thanks for your continued support of this contest and for helping groups in our community.  For pictures and more information, please visit the GIVE BACK Page on our website.


4 Responses to GIVE BACK Contest – Sept. 2012

  1. Father Mark Spring says:

    I like the Scouting program which promotes values in a very secular society.
    It is important to remember that the B.S.A. helps our young minds to think about there lives and realize their importance in our world and the difference they can make.

  2. Suzi Waters says:

    When I voted for Hungry for Music there was a check box, when my husband went to vote there were none. DId he not do something right, how can he vote.

    • Will Spear says:

      Suzi, he would probably need to vote from a different computer. The system does that to keep one person from voting over and over. If you don’t have another computer, contact me again and I’ll get his vote in manually. Thanks.

  3. Jack Atteberry says:

    Can only start to comment on how much the public is unaware of what and how often they give to all our commuities across the states. It is a no brainer who should recieve this award. Go Luck BSA

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