GIVE BACK Charity Profile: Franciscan Firefighter Law Enforcement Ministries

Franciscan Firefighter Law Enforcement Ministries | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I am thinking of all the blessings I have in my life and the many reasons I have to be thankful.  One group of people I come into contact with in my business that certainly deserves many thanks is all of the first responders in our community.  The police, firefighters and emergency medical service personnel are always just a call away when we need them.  I was talking about just that with Brother Ed Arambasich OFM, the firefighter chaplain for Quincy, a couple weeks ago.  He told me about his Franciscan Firefighter Law Enforcement Ministries and the services he provides to our first responders as he walks alongside them as they carry out their duties daily.


We discussed the debriefings he leads after there has been a traumatic situation and the loss of life during the course of their jobs.  Brother Ed told me that the police and firefighters he works with have made him better because no matter when the call comes in, they “Go”.  He said that, “serving those who serve others has taught him to be a better minister.”


I also learned that he also has a grief group that meets on Monday’s.  The Good Grief Dinner Club started three years ago when he identified a need for this service for a number of people he knew grieving in our community.  The group meets at 5 pm on Monday evenings at O’Griff’s to talk and share a meal together.  He also has plans to start another grief group I. The new space he is renting, called “The Living Room.”


As we discussed his grief groups and the ministry he provides, I learned that his ministry and work as a firefighter chaplain is done solely through donations.  There is no public funding for law enforcement chaplains.  In light of this and the valuable service he provides to those who are grieving and to our local first responders, I am pleased to announce that our November GIVE BACK donation will be to Brother Ed’s Franciscan Firefighter Law Enforcement Ministries.


If you would like more information about the Good Grief Dinner Club or his ministries, you can email Brother Ed at

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