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GIVE BACK - Birthright | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

October is Right to Life Awareness month, and unfortunately, I have not heard or seen much of anything in the media to promote that awareness. Even in general, most of what I do hear about the Right to Life in the mainstream media is mainly concerned with the political aspect, and unfortunately, it seems to be focused primarily on abortion as opposed to the Right to Life itself. However, there are people in our own community who are quietly, but actively assisting young, pregnant women in difficult situations. Birthright of Quincy is one of those organizations. I had the privilege of meeting with Patty Adams, who has been involved with Birthright for 34 years, serving as the Director for the past seven years.

Birthright has been in Quincy for 41 years, and it is a non-profit organization offering informational and emotional counseling (as well as other services) to women in “crisis pregnancy” situations. Birthright does not receive any government aid. It is funded completely by donations, and it is run entirely by non-paid, volunteer staff. The main goal is to prevent women from having abortions, and then follow through with assisting these women in their decision. Patty says that Birthright, “Actually offers a real choice to women.” In furthering this end, Birthright offers pregnancy testing, informational counseling (prenatal care, pregnancy and childbirth, child care, and adoption), and maternity and baby clothing and diapers. All of the services are completely free to all of its clients. Birthright networks with 35 other agencies, charities, and churches, so they can offer referrals for other resources such as financial assistance, housing, and medical care. Most importantly, the Birthright volunteers are there to offer friendship and emotional support. Patty told me that a lot of the young women with whom they work are victims of some form of abuse themselves, so they are looking for someone that they can trust. Part of what Patty tries to do is to help them learn how to be treated with dignity and respect. Birthright is totally non-judgmental and completely confidential, and Patty has seen that it actually makes a difference in the lives of these young women and their babies.

Birthright is always looking for volunteers to help in the office and answer the phone. The time requirement is relatively small being only a couple of hours once or twice a month. If you are interested contact Patty Adams at 217-224-1277.


Birthright of Quincy | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

1200 Broadway
Lower Level Suite A
Quincy, IL 62301


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