GIVE BACK Charity Contest – Jan. 2013

Congratulations to the Friends of Alan Madden!

You have won the January 2013 GIVE BACK Charity Contest.

GIVE BACK Contest Results | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home

Welcome to Hansen-Spear’s GIVE BACK Charity Contest.

GIVE BACK - Hansen-Spear's Charity ContestPlease review the list of charities below and vote for the organization you want to win $100.  The group with the most votes on Thursday, January 24th will win $100 from Hansen-Spear Funeral Home.


If your charity is not listed below, nominate them in the comments.  Please see a full list of rules on the GIVE BACK page at


Thanks for taking the time to think of others and to help us support charities in the Quincy area.





Your charity can win $250 this month if the Hansen-Spear Facebook Page reaches 1100 fans before the end of the GIVE BACK charity contest.

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2 Responses to GIVE BACK Charity Contest – Jan. 2013

  1. Una says:

    I think about a child that can not leave most of our minds. He was just a small little boy was in need of our commnunity’s help . I just want to know that we will never let this happen again and make others aware that there will never be another little Allen Madden who will leave this world so violently . I wish that he had a play ground to run to and meet other children with smiles welcoming him.

  2. Paula Wert says:

    In naming the park after Alan, it could be a good reminder to parents that going so far out of control with your temper and anger is unacceptable and there is help in our community if you reach out.

    It could teach children to speak up if they are abused to stop the cycle of abuse and get the assistance you need for your safety.

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