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We know the ladies who own and operate Golden Bridges, and we know that they are a blessing to families they serve no matter how big or small the project.  Because of our faith in their abilities and the unique service they provide to families in our community, we asked them to write a guest blog to provide some insight into their services:

At Golden Bridges we provide solutions for those in transition. Many times, those transitions include gathering and sorting special items left behind after the death of a loved one.  Often, this transition involves more than one generations’ collections.  So, what does one do with mothers good China, grandmother’s jewelry, dad’s dress shirts, and grandfather’s ties?

In working with a recent client, she was left with the task of settling six estates containing many of the same items. What are the alternatives?

First, preserve those important items that have historical significance or emotional ties. And when you have multiples, hold on to those that evoke memories of your loved one.  Grandpa may have had 20 or 30 ties, but you don’t need to save them all.

Pinterest is filled with creative ways to use neckties and re-purpose them in other clothing, or home decoration. Photos there include necktie pillows, necktie pockets, and a lampshade made with Grandpa’s ties and belts.

What about all the books in the library? If there are family members who have fond memories of reading with Grandpa or Grandma and a special book that they shared, encourage them to keep the book. When you are down to coffee table books, history books, textbooks and picture books, check with your local library, a veteran’s home, or a senior living facility to see if they would be interested in restocking their shelves.

For Grandma’s jewelry, you should have it appraised to distinguish between costume jewelry and fine stones and metals. Maintain those special pieces within the family, and donate others to local community or high school theater. If you still have some left, take your favorite pieces and frame them, or use them to make a frame. Use pieces that remind you of your loved one such as her favorite watch a locket or her old wedding ring. Keep it in your home in a special place where you will see it and remember your loved one. And when someone asks about the piece, you will get to share the special memories you had with her.

If you are gathering as a family to celebrate the life of your loved one, bring some of these pieces along and allow their family, heirs, and friends to select an item special to them.

You will feel like the curator of the museum of their life. What better way to honor their legacy than by honoring the things they kept over the years that were so special to them.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but it is your move and Golden Bridges can help.


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