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QUEST Stables GIVE BACK Donation | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

Hansen-Spear’s GIVE BACK Donation for July has been awarded to QUEST Stables.  QUEST was nominated each month when the GIVE BACK program was an online contest, so we thought of this local charity when it came to awarding our donation this month.

I had the opportunity to ask the staff and volunteers at QUEST to answer some questions to help us learn more about their mission and the services they provide for our community.   If you are interested in contributing or volunteering, I have included link and contact information at the end of this post.

As always, if you have a local charity you would like to suggest for our GIVE BACK Donation Program, please email Will Spear ( with your suggestions.


Quincy Equestrian Services & Therapy (QUEST)


What is the goal or mission of QUEST?

QUEST Stables mission is to rescue & rehabilitate abused, neglected or unwanted horses and provide therapeutic riding for all individuals


How does Quest Stables have an impact in the Quincy area?

QUEST has a huge impact on the Quincy area. We not only rescue abused, neglected, or unwanted horses but we also are the areas only PATH certified riding center and have PATH certified instructors with advanced credentials. We provide therapeutic riding for emotional, physical and mentally challenged individuals.  We provide scholarships for therapeutic riding to be all inclusive through fundraising, donations and grants. QUEST provides educational opportunities through numerous camps, field trips, site visits and speaking engagements.  QUEST is staffed solely by volunteers and teaches community service to Chaddock students and THE ABC Academy of the Quincy Public School System. These students interact with the horses by grooming, leading, feeding and doing chores. We work to instill a sense of pride in volunteerism and giving to the community. We let them feel appreciated and proud of their time spent at QUEST. We invite veterans to come participate in horse care at QUEST, we provide a calm and quiet environment for vets with PTSD to regain self worth.


What is your favorite part about being involved with QUEST?

My favorite part is watching the children that spend their days with feeding tubes, seizures,  hospital stays etc. come get on a horse and get to enjoy just being a kid.  Doing something special, smiling, and leaving their handicaps at the gate of the barn. I love to see the parents faces as their child gets to do something so normal.

Terry Anderson

My favorite part about being involved with QUEST is two-part. I love seeing a horse rehabilitated and I love seeing the changes in our students.  We work on our student’s personal goals as well as their medical goals.  It’s amazing to see the transformation of the horses right along with the transformation of our students.

Lisa Otten


How can people support or get involved with QUEST?

QUEST has a wonderful group of volunteers but we can always use more!  If you’re over the age of 16 and have an interest in helping horses or students in our community call Terry at 217-242-6367.

Volunteers can do a variety of jobs at the barn such as chores, stonewalling during lessons, help with fundraisers, volunteering at camps and grooming horses.   Volunteering has a way of providing its own sense of therapy for everyone involved.

Friend QUEST Stables on Facebook to keep current of events.

We love donations of good quality horse hay, winter blankets, feed, vet expenses, ferrier, horse dentist, etc.

Cash donations are always greatly appreciated (Mail to: QUEST Stables, 2607 Vermont St, Quincy, IL 62301)

Visit QUEST Stables online at


QUEST Stables - Will and Echo | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

Echo and I had a good time at our photo shoot.


QUEST Stables Horses | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

Horses at QUEST Stables.


QUEST Stables Pony | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

A pony at QUEST Stables.


QUEST Stables - Will walking Echo | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois

I had the opportunity to walk Echo back to his paddock after our photo shoot.

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