Black is the new Gold

Black is Gold | Hansen-Spear Funeral Home - Quincy, Illinois
A common comment over the last decade has been about some color replacing black as the cool, in, trendy, sophisticated color. It usually refers to fashion as in the phrase, “…something is the new black.”

At Hansen-Spear we are looking at black as being the new gold. We are transitioning the color of our funeral fleet from gold to black.

The gold of the fleet began as a mistake dating back to 1966 when the new funeral home building had just been completed. The cars were white, and a new hearse was delivered with the rear door hinged the wrong way. While the car was sent back to be redone, the only ‘loaner’ hearse available properly hinged was gold (1965 Cadillac Shalimar Gold to be exact). After several weeks of dealing with a gold hearse, it grew on George, Charlotte and Walter so they decided to keep that hearse and replace the other white vehicles with gold ones.

Gold is no longer a color available from American car manufacturers, so for us, black is now the new gold. Our fleet is being transitioned from gold to black. Black represents solemnity and authority, and for this reason is still commonly worn by judges.

While many associate it with loss, we do not deny that that is in fact what we represent. When you call us, it is because of a loss. It is the reason we have chosen to be funeral directors. Our calling is to help people in the darkest, most difficult hours of their lives.

The color of the car is pretty insignificant. The new black cars may more accurately reflect the feeling you have now that you have lost a loved one. But no matter the color of the car, the most important point is that we at Hansen-Spear are the most qualified and most capable to help you deal with your loss. We have the largest and most experienced staff in the tri-state area. Let us be the ones who help you deal with the loss you have experienced. It’s the calling we have accepted. Let us help you…with our new fleet of beautiful black cars.

2 Responses to Black is the new Gold

  1. Nancy (Nauber) Player says:

    Hansen Spear has been there for our family throughout the years. Your family is our family. You have made family transitions meaningful and compassionate. The gold vehicles were an elegant addition to the experience.
    That said, Black is also elegant. But, we are happy you chose not to go with Cubby Blue! 😊

  2. Todd Pettit says:

    Black with gold Hansen-Spear Logo’s … a classy hint to the tradition of the past. I said classy, not tricked out! 👍🏻

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