The Biebs, Bobby and the Bible

Last week I got a news alert that Justin Bieber was banned from appearing in China, no doubt much to the dismay of teenage Chinese girls. Every decade or so, another teen star arrives on the scene, widely appearing on TV, on the music scene, and on the cover of teenage magazines. ‘The Biebs’ is the current rage, but worried fathers of my childhood era knew another such ‘dreamboat’, Bobby Sherman.

Bobby Sherman first made himself known as one of the stars of the TV series “Here Come the Brides”, (original episode was 1968) a show about three brothers in the logging industry in Seattle who needed to bring ‘brides’ to the area to keep their loggers. By 1969 someone had figured out that he could also sing, and the next few years he spent his time on the cover of every teen magazine as well as recording a string of top music hits. (Full confession, I bought “Little Woman” on 45 and still have it.) Back then his style of music was called “Bubblegum.” Now it’s called “Teen Pop”, but the idea is the same; something that is sweet and appeals to teeny boppers or tweenies.

So there are a lot of similarities between the two, but the road diverges, at least for now. Justin is a very wealthy young man who, despite trying to find ‘Redemption’ (a song of his), has made some pretty bad decisions.

So why bring The Bible into this? In John Chapter 21, Jesus tells Peter to “Feed my sheep.” He doesn’t just ask him, He tells him! If we truly believe Jesus is God, and we truly believe He rose from the dead, then we have to act like He is more than just a wise teacher. We have to act like He is God and do what he commands.

So back to our teen idols. The jury is still out on what Justin Bieber will make of his life. But we do know what Bobby Sherman made of his life!

While doing research on a role as an EMT that he had on the TV show ‘Emergency’, he decided that he had more important things to do with his life than be a teen heartthrob. He commented, “I’ve been bestowed a mountain of blessing. I felt a need to start giving back.” So he became an EMT and began volunteering giving CPR classes to the Los Angeles Police Department and the San Bernardino County Sherriff’s Department. He has trained thousands of officers to save lives. Oh, and he also established a foundation to help fund education in the third world country of Ghana.

While we may not have the resources that Bobby Sherman has, that should not stop us from finding places to volunteer or help others. Jesus told us in the Gospel, “Feed my sheep.”


Yesterday, I watched the first two episodes of “Here Come the Brides” on YouTube and was surprised how well they held up. I recommend giving it a look.


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  1. Beth Deters says:

    Next time I see you, remind me to tell you my Bobby Sherman story from my summer stock days in New York. Glad to know the rest of the story!

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