A Prayer for God’s Presence

After we experience a loss and are in the midst of our grief, we often neglect to take care of ourselves.  We sometimes find we need to be reminded to eat or we may forget meals and lose our strength.

As Christians, we need to feed ourselves spiritually as well.  Whether you are feeling restless, depressed, irritated, angry, sad or any other combination of feelings that arise out of your grief, remember to take to time talk and listen to God.

Making time, even for God, is not always easy to do in our busy lives.  I know because I am speaking from experience.

I find this prayer helps me center myself and allows me to stop and think about God and to listen for God.


A Prayer for God’s Presence

In you alone, O God, we live and move have our being;
your Holy Spirit breathes life into us
moment by moment and day by day;
therefore, we wait for your loving-kindness, O God,
and open our hearts to your presence,
asking that you be with us now
and hold us in your strengthening care;
help us to put away all the distractions of our daily lives,
to quiet our hearts and our minds,
to seek and to know your presence with us now;
and then teach us to wait peacefully in your presence
and to cast all our cares on you because you care for us;
Give us, Almighty Creator, the gift of life renewed;
Grant us, Healing Savior, the gift of life renewed;
Fill us, Indwelling Spirit, with the gift of life renewed.  Amen.

~Christopher L. Webber


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