A Healthy Breakfast

While we were in Houston for Jeff’s brain surgery and radiation, we were told that the optimal breakfast menu would be low in sugar but high in protein.  One of the best breakfast meals would obviously be based around eggs.  But living in a hotel room without a stove and with no quick fry restaurant close by, we had to investigate other possibilities.

We have both enjoyed yogurt, usually leaning toward Chobani Greek yogurt with fruit in the bottom.  Unfortunately the fruit was extremely high in sugars so we took another approach.

Here is the recipe I used for our healthy breakfast:

1 container – Fage 0%fat Greek yogurt

1Tablespoon – juice mix
(1 large lemon and 1 cutie juiced ~ 1/3-1/2 cup together, cover and refrigerate)

2 Tablespoons – diced strawberries or 4-6 raspberries

1 pkg. – stevia

The result was a healthy, delicious non fat breakfast packed with protein. 

 As the old commercial said, “Try it! You’ll like it!”

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  1. Linda Buechting says:

    I know you’re probably overwhelmed right now, but if you’re interested T. Colin Campbell wrote an excellent book, The China Study, on the long-term study he and another researcher did in China on the impact of diet on cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Since the Chinese generally stay in one area for generations and diet varies from one region to another, it was the ideal place to study the effects of diet.

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