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Why should you pre-arrange your funeral?

Hansen-Spear Facilities - Arrangement Office | Quincy, IllinoisWe plan for almost every event in our life; vacations, weddings, starting a family. We even plan for things that might happen; fires, floods, accidents. It makes sense to do some planning ahead for a funeral.

Family members are living all over the country now. It can be frustrating to deal with government agencies. Finding important documents like a marriage license or honorable discharge can take time. Planning ahead can make a complicated task easier.

Planning ahead can protect your family. There are many decisions to be made, and arranging things ahead of time can spare your family unnecessary tasks at a difficult time.

Planning ahead can save money. Costs for everything go up. By making arrangements now, you can pay for things so your cost will not increase. This way your life insurance or estate funds can go directly to your family.

Planning ahead can make sure that you and your family receive government benefits. We can show you what social security, veterans’ administration, or state public assistance benefits can be counted on.

Planning ahead will give you peace of mind. You will know that all decisions are made the way you wanted them, and that things are taken care of.

Once you decide on Planning Ahead, you can fill out our online pre-planning form or download a pdf that can be printed and filled out.  This form gatheres basic information that will be used for both a death certificate and as the framework for an obituary.  This is a good first step when you deiced to start planning ahead for your funeral arrangements.

Fill out the Pre-Arrangment form Online
Online Pre-Planning Form

Download our 4 page Pre-Arrangmenet Form
Pre-Planning Form Download

Why you should Plan Ahead with Hansen-Spear

  • You can arrange exactly what type of service that you desire.Pre-plan with Hansen-Spear Funeral Home
  • You do not pay on this plan forever, and can purchase our trust plan regardless of age or physical condition–unlike ordinary burial insurance.
  • Surviving members of your family will not need to make major decisions on the type and price of funeral service that you would have desired.
  • Hansen-Spear Funeral Directors will guarantee our services and merchandise with the accumulated interest in the funeral trust.
  • Your personal statistical information can be filed with Hansen-Spear even without a trust fund. It will be of prime importance when the funeral arrangements are made. There is no obligation to pre-pay.
  • Hansen-Spear can assist you in making your cemetery arrangements ahead of time to save you money.
  • You can call Hansen-Spear, day or night, and we will arrange for transportation of deceased loved one from anywhere in the United States.
  • Your funds can be transferred without losing anything if you move from this area.
  • Your funds are protected. If our firm ever changes, your trust will still be 100% insured and you cannot lose any money.

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The experience with Hansen-Spear could not have been better. Everything was absolutely perfect. They were very caring, considerate and respectful.

— L. S.

Hansen-Spear arranged to have our dog (yellow lab) attend the graveside portion of the funeral. He and our dog were best friends. It meant so much to us!

— V.J.

Our family will always be grateful to your family for the many kind things you did during dad’s illness and passing.  You were more than professional – you were truly […]

— M.S.