Hansen-Spear Funeral Home – Quincy, Illinois

Grey Cat with green eyes We are animal lovers at Hansen-Spear and have a pet friendly room equipped with a large dog kennel.  Our pet room is the daytime home of Sonoma, Jeff and Theresa’s Irish Setter.    We can make the kennel available if you have a dog that you would like to bring into a visitation or to be with the family at the family viewing.  We have had dogs come to visitation and in with families for services. Please ask us how we can help accommodate your pet needs at your family’s funeral service.

Our pets are an important part of our lives and hold a special place in our hearts.  When a pet dies, we grieve just as we would if another member of our family has died.  This is both normal and healthy.   We have information and literature on pet grief to help you.

If you would like information on pet cremation, memorialization, keepsakes, paw print jewelry, custom artwork of your pet by Theresa Spear or brochures and literature on pet loss and grief, please contact Will Spear (217) 222-4907 or william@hansenspear.com.

At Hansen-Spear Funeral Home in Quincy, Illinois, we are here to help families who love and cherish their pets as members of their families.  We are here to help you.

Buddies – Personalized Paw Print Jewelry

Buddies Beloved Pet keepsake

We offer personalized pet paw print jewelry through out partnership with Meadow Hill Corporation. Buddies Beloved Pet Keepsakes are jewelry items made from your pet’s paw print or nose print. These keepsakes can be made anytime with a print from your pet. Hansen-Spear will help you acquire the print and process your order.

CLICK HERE to view the Buddies page for more information and examples.

Pet Urns, Keepsakes and Memorialization Items

Pet paw print urnHansen-Spear offers a wide selection of urns and keepsakes for your beloved pet.

CLICK HERE to view available Pet Cremation and Memorialization Items such as urns, keepsakes, plaques and markers.

To order or for more information contact Will Spear at (217) 222-4907 or staff@hansenspear.com



Your guidance thorugh the process of planning the service for my husband after his passing was most comforting.  There was a gentle, relaxed manner by Will and Brian as we […]

— M. P.

I was so impressed with the entire staff.  They knew the answer before we asked the question.

— L. B.

Even though, I know it is their business to be helpful and pleasant, this family goes above and beyond – they always seemed genuine.

— L.L.