Hansen-Spear Funeral Home – Quincy, Illinois

We offer customized pet paw print jewelry through our partnership with Meadow Hill Corporation.  Our pets hold a special place in our hearts and we can now have their paw print, nose print, or other print cast into a precious piece of jewelry that we can cherish forever.

Buddies are aavailable in many styles and come in sterling silver, 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold.

Buddies come in the form of simple charm necklaces, earrings, rings, tie tacs, key fobs, knives, zippo lighters, and more.

Buddies keepsakes are customizable with synthetic or genuine diamonds or gemstones, and engraving on the back of the charm.

The charm can be made with a paw print, nose print or other print, which can include horse hoofs, bird talons, hamster claws, etc.

We will help you acquire your pet’s paw print for the jewelry.  Meadow Hill Corporation updates the prices of the Buddies keepsakes daily based on the price of the precious metals.  We can give you the updated pricing as well as answer any questions you may have.  Please contact us at (217) 222-4907 or staff@hansenspear.com.


A “Buddie” you’ll always have with you…

Pets have an uncanny way of working themselves into our hearts.  These four-legged family members make us laugh and provide comfort and protection.  They make few demands and never judge.  Our best buddies just love us!

Now, Meadow Hill’s Buddies Beloved Pet Keepsakes remind us of that love wherever we go.  Buddies start as two-dimensional ink prints of the paw or nose. (We can work with clay or resin molds and close-up digital photographs as well.) Meadow Hill scans your print, creates a wax model of it, giving it a third dimension. Then our artisans use the time-honored method called lost wax casting to make each unique piece. Hand polished, your keepsake is finished with the engraving of your choice. Additional pieces of the same print can be ordered at any point in time.

Buddies keepsakes invite touch.  The simple stroking of the charm makes you smile when you are away from your pet.  It also brings comfort and a way to remember the buddy who is no longer with you.

~Meadow Hill Corporation


Contact us for more information on Buddies

These are just a sample of the variety of keepsakes that are available to you.  We have brochures and information available for a more complete selection of choices.

Feel free to stop by and pick up a brochure, call (217) 222-4907 and/or email (william@hansenspear.com) for more information.

Dear William & Hansen Spear – Thank you so much for starting the “GIVE BACK” community initiative.  We are grateful to receive the recognition and monetary award associated there-with.

— J. O.

My father was a huge St. Louis Cardinal’s fan.  They helped with everything to make it a St. Louis Cardinal’s funeral.

— J. C.

Everything was just perfect!   Nothing was left out.  We were so pleased.

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