Hansen-Spear Funeral Home – Quincy, Illinois


I am a Pastor who has done countless funerals and worked with many different funeral homes, but your services were second to none!

Thank you for the detailed service, professionally done with excellence across the board.  Your concern for my father-in-law, funeral costs, service details, greeting, facility care and appearance to the umbrellas in the rain were awesome.  I cannot even put into words how wonderful a job you did in making my mother-in-law look like a queen after all she had been through and looked like.  That was a gift to my father-in-law, my wife and me that I can never repay!

I hope I do not have to meet with you again for many years, but when the time comes and the good Lord takes my father-in-law home with my mother-in-law, my wife and I will be knocking on your door again for your awesome service so professionally and personally done with excellence!


In-as-much as I married into a fourth generation funeral home family I had expectations, right or wrong about what to expect.  Consequently I want you to know that all of my expectations were met, and then some.


Jeff, Theresa and their staff did everything they could to make this difficult time easier for all of us.


Even though, I know it is their business to be helpful and pleasant, this family goes above and beyond - they always seemed genuine.


Most of our arrangements were by phone at the onset, and everything was done very well upon our arrival to town for services.


I felt we were able to really celebrate her life so nicely with all your help.

—N. & J.A.

Everything was just perfect!   Nothing was left out.  We were so pleased.


It was difficult for us to do so much by 'long distance', the whole difficult process went better than I ever could have expected.


They are very efficient,   professional & caring.  I would recommend them to anyone.


The people there were wonderful!!! They bent over backwards to please - and that they did.


No-one else could have possibly done this as well as Hansen-Spear.


You were always there for us, lending support, offering suggestions, and yet being unobtrusive. With appreciation to the Spear family -- and their 'crew'.


My dad lived a good life and you helped us with the ending process in a very special way.


Hansen-Spear are caring people who continue to try to comfort people and celebrate lives, long after the funeral.


The staff make you feel as if you were family.  They seemed concerned with our feelings.


The situation of death is never easy, but Hansen-Spear provides a comfortable and comforting process for grieving.   Thanks a lot.


Just wanted you to know how grateful we are when you advertise the Blood Drives in our community.... Thanks for your generosity

—Adams County Red Cross

Jeff and Will Spear were wonderful. Very caring and compassionate.


This funeral home is head and shoulders above the other funeral homes in this area. They do an excellent service and are highly respected in this community.


Hansen-Spear made a very uncomfortable loss in our family more easy to accept and cope with. Been to other funerals and these guys are way ahead of the game. Top of the ladder. Will always use their services for our family's needs.


..make you feel like you were the only one they were taking care of.


I would recommend these good people "The Spears" to anyone. I do speak highly of them to my friends and business associates. They were great in my time of need. They treated my mother of 90 with respect. I cannot than them enough. They truly are a blessing.


We're a 3rd generation to have used Hansen-Spear Funeral Home. The staff has always been caring professional, yet very family oriented. All details tended to and even beyond for last minute needs. Their website was also up to date and user friendly with online obituaries. Communication skills were exemplary (hard to come by these days).


The service arranged at the gravesite was awesome since it was all the way to Rockton. Jeff and Theresa Spear drove Grandpa up personally and that meant a great deal to us. They also planted a tree in his memory.


We had never planned a funeral before. The Spears and their staff made it completely comfortable and quite easy for our family to arrange a funeral to honor my husband. I and my family could not have made I through this time without them. I will recommend them to everyone.


Dear William & Hansen Spear - Thank you so much for starting the "GIVE BACK" community initiative.  We are grateful to receive the recognition and monetary award associated there-with.

—J. O.

...treating you like family and went out of their way to help ease the pain.

—S. V.

Our mothers memorial service and burial were beautifully handled. Our family is very grateful to Brian for his professionalism and helpfulness.

—L. A.

The staff was very caring and patient with us in our time of sorrow.

—C. W.

How well is was treated, with everything, so professional yet personal too.

—L. G.

Hansen-Spear treated me with the same gentleness they would for family. It was a comfort to use a home that has served this town and our family for generations. Jeff, Theresa and Will exhibit the highest degree of professionalism. George's quiet dignity and love was such a help. Charlotte would have been proud of her family.

—C. S.

Every need was met in a caring, and very understanding, manner.

—R. L.

The simplicity and lack of pressure.

—N. S.

The experience with Hansen-Spear could not have been better. Everything was absolutely perfect. They were very caring, considerate and respectful.

—L. S.

I wanted to let you know how well you made Mom's visitation and funeral go. I had been dreading this event, and from my first call to Theresa it was just an easy progression. Your concern and attention to details made me feel so comforted.


Jeff was so patient beyond belief with Dad and extended family when planning the funeral for "hours."


I always thought it was so odd when people remark how natural the deceased looks, but in Mom's case, she did look beautiful and we have you to thank for that.


I got to be with Will, who will always be one of my favorites. Seeing him work now as a capable and intelligent adult was so gratifying. Having him orchestrate the event and even driving our vehicle meant a lot to me.


You and your family make the business successful, but you personally are what is so special


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful services you and your organization provided for our family, in the passing of my mother. She looked beautiful in her resting peace. And the service was beyond expectations. I would recommend Hansen-Spear to anyone that has had a loss of a loved one. You were there in a time of need. Especially for my father. Once again, Thank you


Special thanks for all the kindness you showed the morning Mom died. Words cannot fully express how much we appreciate all you did for us at the time of Mom's death. Everything was perfect!

—J. B & M. B.

Hansen-Spear has always had an excellent reputation in Quincy due to the managing of details, from start to finish. They anticipate the families needs before they are asked, which relives the strain of the situation greatly.

—R. H.

I appreciate reading all you have written on your funeral home's website as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death with my mother, and with my father who is walking with her too.

—M. R.

Our family will always be grateful to your family for the many kind things you did during dad's illness and passing.  You were more than professional - you were truly compassionate and caring.  He would have been proud and pleased.


Thanks for all you did to make my dad's funeral as special as it was.  You did a great job and we appreciate all you did!


We cannot thank you enough for your most generous love and support with the passing of our dad.  May God continue to bless you and give you His peace to carry on to others with your care, love and hope of strength to continue to serve.


Thank you for taking such great care of our family and the details of the visitation and service.  God bless you!


Thank you so much for your guidance and support during the past couple weeks.  You helped make a sad time very special.  Family and friends have truly made this experience a very positive one.


Thank you for the great care you provided our family after my brother passed.  God bless you as you serve and minister to the Quincy-area families.


On behalf of myself and my sister, I wanted to thank you very much for all your help when we were organizing our brother's funeral.  Your attention to detail and thoughtfulness were greatly appreciated.  When we arrived in America, we were not expecting to be arranging our brother's funeral  but you made everything come together in such a short space of time and we just wanted to say thank you.

—J.P. & R.M.

Everyone felt you did a wonderful job in everything you did to make my husband look natural and were wonderful to our family.


I didn't hesitate - I chose Hansen-Spear.  I am so glad I did - everything was done in such a caring, loving way!


Thank you for your wonderful service you provided with the loss of our son.  We can't fully express how much your support and help was appreciated.


You have seen us at our worst.  Words cannot describe how grateful we are to you for everything you've done for us and our beautiful children who've passed.  From the bottom of our hearts - Thank You.

—M. & A.

Thank you for the wonderful information in regards to grieving/healing.  What a wonderful way to minister to families after the loss of a loved one.


Your gift of planting a tree is such a wonderful idea!  I am so grateful and so is the rest of the family!


Thank you everyone for all the help and kindness you have shown me and my family!  May God bless you all!


Mother had slipped from us for months.  Her appearance at the funeral home was amazing.  She looked like she did years previous.


We appreciated the Spear family and staff very much.  They handled every detail in an efficient and caring way.


I want to say that Will Spear and Hansen-Spear Funeral Home are awesome. The Give Back program has helped so many smaller Organizations in and around the Quincy area. I can’t say enough good things about them.

—D. U.

My family and I would like to extend a most sincere thank you to Hansen-Spear Funeral Home. It is never easy to say goodbye to someone you love but they took the utmost care in arranging my father's funeral, putting us at ease on what could have been a very stressful day. They were professional and courteous from beginning to end. I had never preplanned a funeral before, but their help, guidance and experience helped make my decisions easier. I was having my father transported from the Veteran's Home in Quincy to Peoria. Will Spear walked me through each step and told me what to expect. He was a Godsend, even taking care of things throughout the services at the cemetery arranging Military and Masonic Rites. I would highly recommend their services.


When both of my children were unexpectedly born still (just two years and two days apart) I was devastated. I didn't know where to begin the process of laying my children to rest let alone what that process entailed. Will Spear at Hansen & Spear funeral home was extremely helpful. He went above and beyond to ensure that my children received the care, and respect that they deserved. When I could not bring myself to read the poem I had written at my sons graveside Will stepped up and read it for me. He cried alongside me and showed that this isn't just a job for them, but something that they take to heart. He did the same two years later when I stood at the same graveside burying my daughter alongside her brother. He provided us with all the information, was honest, polite and informative and I trusted him to take the best care of my children. As a parent giving up care of your child is the hardest thing you can do, but he provided only the best quality of care for them. I am eternally grateful.


They were professionals who did a great job! at allowing our family to honor my mother.

—L. M.

The staff was very kind. I would expect nothing less from Hansen-Spear.


Jeff and Theresa were wonderful and the rest of their crew did a super job on my Navy man husband. They will forever be in my thoughts. Thank you so much. I want them for my services when it is time.

—J. D.

They were very helpful and kind. I used them before and will again. Not interested in anywhere else.

—C. M.

Thank you for caring and all compassion extended to me, my sister and brother during my mom's funeral...It is such a beautiful memorial that you give through the planting of an oak tree.  Thank you for your grieving tools in the booklet.  You go the extra mile to comfort.

—A. K.

Thank you for your help and concern.  I'll never forget sharing the passing with our dog.  The information brochures were a very real help.  Thank you for the memorial ree planting.  So much - so appreciated.

—R. N.

I can't say enough about the Spear's experience.  It was professional all-the-way.  Even the follow-up has been more than expected.

—S. S.

Will, Thank you for all your help, kindness, and expertise.  Everything was perfect!  Mom would have been very pleased.

—M. H. & D. N.

Hansen-Spear made every decision personal.  Special consideration for private viewing and concern for the family dog - this was both invaluable and memorable.  They followed up with on-going information and phone calls.  Very appreciated!

—R. N.

All was extremely professional.  From beginning to end we were treated with much respect.

—R. M.

Thank You for helping us to provide a beautiful service and celebration to honor our father.

—N. F.

I am grateful to you all for your sincere kindness and help in my time of need! I was so very lost as to what to do and how.  I could not have gotten through this half as well without your help!


Thank you very much for all your kindness and effort in arranging mom's funeral.  Your patience and guidance greatly helped us during this time.


Thank you for the tree planted in her memory!  Most of all...thank you for all  of the patience, kindness and great support you provided during this difficult time.

—C. V.

Thank you all so very much, God Bless!

—J. B.

This was a very difficult time for us...Will, Jeff, Theresa and George Spear were so kind, wonderful and supportive to the family.  We will always be grateful to them.


Dear Will,
Words fail me, and my husband for how kind you have been to us in this sudden and painful event.  You, sir, have taught me that kindness to the level of spiritual does exist in this world.
And I think my father would be deeply grateful that in one of the hardest times of his little girls life, there were people who were there for her.
You have gone above and beyond.  I have deep gratitude.  Thank you so much.


I want to thank you for all the literature you sent me for my college class.  These were a great tool to use for the Death and Dying Class.  The class went well and I am starting another one in January.  Most of the inmates are young and have a lot of questions.  This material explains a lot.  It was very nice of you to contribute this way.  I will be able to use it for a long time.


The constant communication throughout the entire planning was much appreciated and the amount of items you were able to take off our family's plate during this stress time was priceless.

—R. H.

I am always impressed by how you conduct a funeral so professionally, yet also so personally.  We all appreciate the very good planning and organization.  Thank you so much.

—J. R.

My wife died out of state.  A call was made to Hansen-Spear in Quincy and they immediately took over.  It made my concerns evaporate.

—L. B.

Hansen-Spear is the best. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

—T. Z.

From the time I entered Hansen-Spear, I was greeted by the staff and they were very nice and considerate. I really felt touched by love and warmth. Hansen-Spear is rated number one to me - they were very kind to me and I will never forget my experience.

—K. H.

The caring and love given to me throughout the whole experience.

—F. H.

They were always there for me and come in the funeral home very early in the morning for me.

—L. B.

Your Care Note was right on time and right on point! Thank you for keeping in touch this past year with both assistance and support.

—R. N.

I can't say enough about the staff and the appearance of my mother.  I was really worried about that and didn't want her to have a lot of makeup. S he looked wonderful!  I was very pleased!  My nine year old daughter said it looks like Grandma is sleeping!!  She looked very peaceful, which helped me a lot!!

—B. R.

I think their sincere caring was amazing. It was truly an experience I'll never forget, in many ways, but because of their commitment of their profession, it was a beautiful "Celebration" of my Mom. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.

—M. J.

Mr. Durante at Hansen-Spear was understanding, knowledgeable and very comfortable to work with when I was planning the prearrangement for my mother. At the time she passed away, Mr. Durante and everyone there were caring, helpful and handled everything just the way I wanted.

—M. J.

Hansen-Spear arranged to have our dog (yellow lab) attend the graveside portion of the funeral. He and our dog were best friends. It meant so much to us!


My mother looked beautiful and the staff was wonderful!

—K. B.

We served champagne at the visitation and the staff was beyond great with this request! Thanks everyone!!!

—K. B.

Hansen-Spear is the best in the business.  They take pride in what they do and treated us like family.  We love them!!

—B. B.

This was our first direct experience with a funeral home/director.  While I must admit it was not an easy time, it was made much easier by the patience and understanding of the people we worked with at Hansen-Spear.  We would recommend their services to anyone.

—G. M.

Mom looked better in death and that was amazing.

—A. K.

Everyone at Hansen-Spear was comforting, nice, and very professional.  They made a very difficult time easier.  I thank them for everything.  My mom wanted Hansen-Spear and now I know why.  They do a terrific job.

—E. S.

They provided excellent service at a very difficult time for our family.

—L. D.

The staff was very helpful concerning the service.  Will helped me immensely in planning the service.

—S. I.

Words can't express how grateful we are for all you and your staff have done for us at this difficult time.  You'are like a well oiled machine with every part working to perfection.  The service was great and the Facebook was awesome!

—S. S.

Wow. You guys are fabulous at your job. I already knwo that but today is was so vivid. You are not only professional but loving, warm, and make the process for everyone peaceful. What a give you have.

—L. D.

Your guidance thorugh the process of planning the service for my husband after his passing was most comforting.  There was a gentle, relaxed manner by Will and Brian as we went through the decisions to be made.

—M. P.

A big thank you so very much for making something we were all dreading so much as comfortabnle as it could be.  You could not have done anything better.

—V. K.

I was so impressed with the entire staff.  They knew the answer before we asked the question.

—L. B.

They gave us their undivided attention.

—A. H.

The staff is outstanding. They took their time with us and led us through the process very professionally.

—D. H.

A special thank you to Brian Durante for guiding us during our mother and father's deaths.

—D. H.

I was in the hospital and they streamed it online to allow me to watch the service.

—L. M.

Will went above and beyond his necessary service.

—S. T.

Will did and excellent job of following the pre-arrangement and the little addition we wished to add.  We were very thankful for all of his help.

—S. T.

Our family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so thoughtful, and helpful with our needs during our time of sorrow.  The entire staff was so very courteous and thoughtful.  We were so very pleased.

—S. S.

My father was a huge St. Louis Cardinal's fan.  They helped with everything to make it a St. Louis Cardinal's funeral.

—J. C.

They felt our sorrow.  This was not just a job to them.  They cared!!

—S. S.

I have never had to make funeral arrangements before, they helped us with kindness, professionalism and dignity.

—S. S.

I felt relived from any stress related to the presentation of the room and my father. Hansen-Spear presented everything (flowers, pictures, awards, etc.) with excellent taste...They were amazing.

—K. T.

Your gift of planting a tree is such a wonderful idea!  I am so grateful and so is the rest of the family!

— L.E.

I got to be with Will, who will always be one of my favorites. Seeing him work now as a capable and intelligent adult was so gratifying. Having him orchestrate […]

— M.

The staff was very caring and patient with us in our time of sorrow.

— C. W.